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Hope Lineages in Canada

Lineage for Scott Farrel Hale

> Father: Forrest Darold Hale (1935-2017) married Beverly Ann Yade (1937-living)
> Grandfather: Forrest Farrell Hale (1910-1969) married Estelle Mae Hutchinson (1912-1997)
> Great Grandfather: Thomas Francis Hutchinson (1877-1950) married Annie May Hope (1884-1985)
> 2nd Great Grandfather: Thomas Francis Hope (1858-1939) married Jenet Munro (1862-1895)
> 3rd Great Grandfather: George Hope (1819-1897) married Catherine Morrison (1814-1895)
> 4th Great Grandfather: George Hope (1779-1856) married Robena Henderson (1798-1853)
> 5th Great Grandfather: James Hope (b:1758-deceased) married Janet Thompson (b:1758-deceased)
> 6th Great Grandfather: James Hope (b:1730-deceased) married Helen Johnson (1732-1803)
> 7th Great Grandfather: Robert Hope (b:1713-deceased) married Mary Walker (b:1711-deceased)
> 8th Great Grandfather: James Hope (b:1671-deceased) married Jennet Mertine (deceased)

Note about James Hope - There is a noted James Hope who married a Jennet Mertine in the genealogy for Stephen Hope, the commissioner for Clan Hope for Australia who has a proven DNA connection to the Baronets of Craighall. It is surmised by the Clan Hope Genealogist that the James Hope and Jennet Mertine are the descendents for both Scott Farrel Hale and Stephen Hope of Australia.